Get hyperparameter values

get_hyperparameter_defaults(models = get_supported_models(), n = 100,
  k = 10, model_class = "classification")

get_random_hyperparameters(models = get_supported_models(), n = 100,
  k = 10, tune_depth = 5, model_class = "classification")



which algorithms?


Number observations


Number features


"classification" or "regression"


How many combinations of hyperparameter values?


Named list of data frames. Each data frame corresponds to an algorithm, and each column in each data fram corresponds to a hyperparameter for that algorithm. This is the same format that should be provided to tune_models(hyperparameters = ) to specify hyperparameter values.


Get hyperparameters for model training. get_hyperparameter_defaults returns a list of 1-row data frames (except for glm, which is a 10-row data frame) with default hyperparameter values that are used by flash_models. get_random_hyperparameters returns a list of data frames with combinations of random values of hyperparameters to tune over in tune_models; the number of rows in the data frames is given by `tune_depth`.

For get_hyperparameter_defaults XGBoost defaults are from caret and XGBoost documentation: eta = 0.3, gamma = 0, max_depth = 6, subsample = 0.7, colsample_bytree = 0.8, min_child_weight = 1, and nrounds = 50. Random forest defaults are from Intro to Statistical Learning and caret: mtry = sqrt(k), splitrule = "extratrees", min.node.size = 1 for classification, 5 for regression. glm defaults are from caret: alpha = 1, and because glmnet fits sequences of lambda nearly as fast as an individual value, lambda is a sequence from 1e-4 to 8.

See also

models for model and hyperparameter details